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Similarities Promotheus With Adam And Eve

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In Genesis and the Theogony, the parallel stories of Adam and Eve, with Prometheus and Pandora, have both similarities and differences. There are many similarities, but the most important ones, play a significant role in the fact that women are responsible for bringing evil. These two women were also warned not to disobey, but they didn't listen. There are also many differences such as, in the story of Adam and Eve, the woman was a gift and in Pandora and Epimetheus, the woman ...view middle of the document...

In the story of Adam and Eve, God took some clay from the ground and made the shape of a man. Then, he breathed into the shape and suddenly the man's eyes opened and he began to live. In the story of Pandora and Epimetheus, Prometheus shaped a man out of mud and Athena breathed air into the clay figure. Soon, the man began to move and live.

One similarity between both stories is that both women were warned not to do something. In the story of Adam and Eve, Eve was deceived and tricked, by a serpent, into eating the fruit she was told not to eat. In the story of Pandora and Epimetheus, Pandora's curiosity about what was inside the box became to great. So, she opened the box and out flew all manors of evils, sorrows, plagues and misfortune. When she realized what she had done she closed the box immediately, but it was to late for all the evil things had flown out. But there was one good thing left inside-hope.

The last similarity about the two stories is that both men were punished. In the story of Adam and Eve, the punishment was that man would have to suffer for the rest of their lives. They will struggle to find food and work. In the story of Pandora and Epimetheus the punishment for man was the creation of woman. She will have stunning beauty and the gods will give her many gifts. They name the woman Pandora.

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