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Significance Of Literature Essay

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Significance of literature in Hemingway’s writings as a “soldier”
Literature as a soldier can be of importance in that it is reflected by one of Hemingway’s writing “Soldier’s home” which depicts the life of a young soldier at war who faces challenges and in the end he returns home. It gives clear information on the experience a soldier faces in the war and the shock the soldier gets when he returns back at home. The main character in the book, Harold Krebs is challenged back in his own hometown by the villagers when he and other soldiers return from the war. He is ...view middle of the document...

With symbolism in the book, “Soldier’s home”; gives a soldier profession to have a meaning that is concrete. It gives war to be the main theme while when Krebs returns home, being a soldier becomes a fascinating idea to him. All this is revealed when he returns back home remembering all the challenges he faced during the war. This gives a learning experience to the reader by understanding the real essence of becoming a soldier. It gives the reader the knowledge to understand the profession of becoming a soldier and prepares the reader to be ready for the task. Literature in the book has given the reader the right to be aware of the profession of becoming a soldier.

In the field of literature, the book also identifies the challenges a soldier faces during the period of war. It proves to be the main theme and the connotation definition of literature becomes very apparent. In the book, Krebs’s character is portrayed by showing how he faced challenges from home when he was at war, the environment was never soft for him and life became difficult until he decided to come back home. The community had problems by circulating false rumors concerning a soldier on his life exaggeration and on what happens when they are in a fight. I this episode, the career of a soldier is depicted to be a hard career for one to join. (Magill and Charles, 3794)

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