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Sick Leave Essay

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From "Negotiation : readings, exercises and cases / [edited by] Roy J. Lewicki .. [et al.]", 4th ed.,Case 7, c2003,


Sick Leave

Kelly tried to control her angel as she thou-eht about her supervisor. She couldn't understand why he rvas being so unreasonable. Maybe to him it lvas only a couple days of paid leave and not worth tighting over. but to her it meant the difference between being abie to go on vacation during Golden Weekr or having to stay horne. She looked at her contract and the phone number of CLAIR on her desk. She u,asn't the only person in the ofTice aff'ected by this. She sat and thought about horv she should proceed.

Kelly was 22 years old and had been ...view middle of the document...

Kelly would have her degree by the end of the year and thought that having lived in Japan and knowing the language shorved enough interest to have her application considered. Kelly thought that a year or lwo in Japan after her n.)anageilrent degree would improve her

This case u'as u'ritten bv Laura Turek. Coprnghr C1996 br Laura Turek. Used u'ith permission. This case lbr classroom discu:.ior. lrol to illostr&re either the etfective or ineffective nlanagement of an administrative sitLration. rGolden Week is the period lrorn Apr:i lr) :,r \lr) 5. in rrhich there are four -lapanese national holidays. \{an1'Japanese erlp}ot'ees and their lanri;ie. :-r,:: ;rrjran[lge ofthis period to go on t,acation.
w'as prepared as a basis


Case 7

Japanese alld give her r.nore of a competitive advantage when she retllrned to Canada to begin her career. She also thought that it u,ould be a great way to make money and have

some fun before she came home to staft a real job. She asked her fiiencl horv she could apply to the program and returned home that ni_uht to u,clrk on her r6sum€.

Before the JET Program
The ori-sins ofthe JETprogram can be traced backto 1982. In that year. the Japanese Ministry of Education (Monbusho) initiated a project known as the Monbusho English Feilorvs (NIEF) Prograrn, rvhich hired Americans to rvork at the iocal boards of education in order to assist Japanese English teaching consultants who acted as advisors to the Japanese teachers of English in the public schools. The task of the MEFs was to oversee the junior and senior high school English teiichers and to assist them rvith their training. In 1983. the British English Teachers Schenre (BETS) was inaugurated by the Ministry of Education. However, from the outset the British teachers were statiolred at schools, and the goals of the program did not only concern English instruction but also sought tcr increase mutuai understanding and improve friendly relations between the peopies of Japan and Britain. While there were solne dil}'erences betrveen the two programs, both shared tr common goal: inviting native English speakers to Japan to assist in improving lbreign-language instruct ion.

The Birth of the JET Program
The realization that Japan lnust open itself nrore fully to contact with international society began to foster an awareness of the iniportance of promoting internationalization and international exchange at the local level. This brought about not only expanded Engiish instruction, but also a rapid increase in exchange programs. Taking these new circumstances into account, the Japanese Ministry ol Horne Atlairs in 1985 reieased a paper entitled "Plans for International Exchange Projects" as part of its pliority policy of local governments for the tbllowing year. In the paper, the Ministry of Home Alfairs proposed a definite course for the internationalization of local governments, which ideally would lead...

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