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Shouldn't We Be Helping Our Students

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High school diploma from Breckenridge High School
Currently attending Central Michigan University to obtain a degree in Early Childhood Development and Dietetics.

Work Experience:

Employer: Heidi and Steve Lawhorn
Worked from: 2011-2015
Duties: Watching the children, cooking dinners, and cleaning up after words
Little Lambs Daycare
Employer: Betty Bethke
Worked from: June ...view middle of the document...

Employer: James Bethke:
Worked from June 13, 2014- August 20, 2014
Duties: I helped teach a kindergarten student on how to improve her reading capabilities, came up with lesson plans, and created fun and interesting projects to keep the student interested.

Dance Assistant Teacher
Employer: Kathy Francis
Worked from: 2012-2014
Duties: I helped assist the dance teacher with instructing students on the movement of dance, kept the students interested in fun new dances, and helped find creative ways to keep the younger students occupied.

Farm Hand
Employer: Lawrence Davidson
Worked from: 2012-2014
Duties: I helped take care of the cattle, chickens, and peacocks on the farm.

Heidi Lawhorn: 989-388-3078
Dawn McPhail: 989-280-5143

I am willing to learn new jobs and skills even though my main field work has been working with children. I am great at communication, working hard, and rising to a new challenge.

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