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Should Research Problems Be Specific Essay

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Society is better without Victim-blaming

Victim-blaming is a case where society questions the actions of the victim instead of the attacker. Hartnell (2016) stated that the idea of victim-blaming has rooted from the book called “The key in the starry night” back in the 1830s. The people realized that the villain’s method of destroying the hero’s soul, which is the method of victim-blaming, can help them escape their insecurities. I despise the idea of using another person just to ...view middle of the document...

“I don’t want to be judged by everyone but sadly, it is happening now”, reasoned Martin. One NFL player stated in an interview that Martin is “just as much to blame” and he should have acted like a man. Others argued that Martin is oversensitive and made himself an easy target ("Why Do We Blame Victims?", 2016).
In the 1960s, social psychologist Dr. Melvin Lerner conducted an experiment that includes a man receiving electric shocks in an electric chair while participants watch. Since the man is unable to intervene the experiment, the participants derogated him. Dr. Lerner theorized that victim-blaming even struck our minds when beliefs that people can control what happens to them are popularized. A good example of this is the popular saying, “You reap what you sow”. Dr. Lerner also explained that after the participants derogated the man, the man started to blame himself (Breines, 2013). Blaming the victim is the same as blaming the weather for constantly changing despite the fact that our pollution is the main reason why it always changes: It’s absurd! Victim-blaming corrupts our way of judging things. The most typical responses from the observers criticize the victim, “He let it happen” (Bullying), “Boys will be boys so girls must take care” (Rape) and “Why didn’t she leave?”(Domestic Violence). People need to understand that there are circumstances that we can’t control. Instead of these responses, people should ask, “Why did he threaten him?”, “Boys will be held responsible for their own actions” and “Why would he hurt his wife?”("Why we must end victim-blaming in domestic violence", 2015). A blogger named “The rogue feminist” posted on tumblr that includes him wearing a “Kill me” shirt. He explained that a sane individual wouldn’t kill him after seeing that shirt. Police wouldn’t overlook the crime because of what’s...

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