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Should Marijuana Be Classified As A Type 1 Drug

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Gustavo Limon
Dr. Belu
Philosophy 120
November 12, 2012

Should Marijuana be Considered a Schedule I Drug?

I believe marijuana should be classified as a Schedule I drug. Marijuana is very popular and many say that it is harmless, but I believe it is very dangerous. The way I see it, nothing good can come out of a marijuana user. At first, sure, a person wont be as dependent on it but once the user is heavily into the drug, he or she will need it to even function properly. Not to say that it is addicting, but your body will need it to even feel “normal”. Marijuana does something to your body and brain that is not safe while you are out in public. For example, if you are high on marijuana and ...view middle of the document...

Imagine, how could we be able to let these people roam our neighborhoods and public places when they aren’t in their right state of mind. They can potentially hurt our family members and I don’t believe that is a risk many people are willing to take. We can either classify marijuana as a Schedule I drug or live in a world where drug addicts are out on the street making bad decisions. I think that the false dilemma fallacy could be very useful in this situation because one side can turn out very ugly if we allow marijuana to be legal.
The next fallacy I will be using is the “circumstantial ad hominem”. Circumstantial ad hominem is used to point out someone’s circumstances, making them take a certain action or side on things. I believe that many of the people that would like for marijuana to be not classified as a Schedule I drug are probably doing the drug now, which is illegal, that would make them criminals. I think that taking political advice from a criminal isn’t such a wise thing to do because their source is not credible. You cannot trust a criminal because they are not law abiding citizens. This is not to say that they aren’t good people, because some are unjustly accused and prosecuted, but they have broken or are continuing to break the law. I would assume that the people who want to be able to smoke marijuana are either pot smokers now, or have smoked pot before in the past, this would make them criminals because it is illegal. The false dilemma fallacy could be used to support my position on the issue because if people were reminded that criminals use marijuana and the fact that criminals were to be brought out into the light, people would think...

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