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Should Juveniles Be Tired And Punish As Adults?

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“How has the meaning of freedom change over the course of American history?”

“The meaning of freedom has never changed in fact juvenile and adult prisoners never had freedom. Prisoners will always have consequences from committing crimes, and as of today this still applies to every citizen or non-citizen.” Before children had the freedom to be free and just be rebels get away from crime, maybe get a speech explaining to them don’t do it again, or furthermore a discipline butt whooping. But now there are consequences of their own actions of social inequality, and how society is both stable and changing the causes of consequences and behavior. But we are just kids we ...view middle of the document...

Children’s future can be affected and have a different mindset of maybe even giving up on life maybe live the wrong way, in the country jail prisoners are separated by their race. All Latino’s are together depending if you’re from the north or the south, African’s often stick together or separated on how they’re categorize by blood’s or crips, whites are just with their own race. You can see what I’m trying to get across my point of view meaning these children might have to get involve to be tough, protective, or just finding ways to survive. The effect to this cause can lead to serious injury, death, or an extension to their time to serve in prison by bad decision that they made or force by the gang members.
Another problem why we shouldn’t, many prisoner’s smoke cigarettes which can affect the child’s health, there is also lots of drugs pass around the cells children may be involved in these situations of taking the drugs and if they are possibility of a horrible future ahead of them. Now and days children freedom has decrease and change...

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