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Should Corporations Be Allowed To Advertise In School

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25 March 2015

Stop advertising in school

“Teenagers are attractive consumers; they spend $155 billion a year, children younger than 12 years spend another $25 billion, and both groups influence another $200 billion of their parent’s spending each year.”(American Academy of Pediatrics, 2006). For above reasons and statistics cited, an enormous number of European countries, such as, France and Switzerland prohibit advertisement in school. Therefore, companies’ advertisements should be illegal in school for three reasons: parasitize the education environment, effect children vulnerability and contribute to children’s addiction of some ...view middle of the document...

On one hand, teenagers are attractive consumers because advertisements at school facilely attract these teens. On the other hand, children are not major enough to realize their parents’ financial circumstances. Thus, they do not care if their families cannot afford the product that they desired to have. Many researcher have been done in order to more understand this phenomenon, and Statistic shows that “tweens (8-12 years old) heavily influence more than $30 billion in their parents spending.” (Anup, 2010). Consequently, sometimes if the parents refuse to give their teens money, children might have some bad reactions, such as, stealing from others or hurting themselves in their attempts to find money.

Furthermore, ads at school participate to children addiction of some products. For instance, the majority of food advertised at school is unhealthy. As a result, a massive number of students become obese. According to an U.S survey from 2009 to 2010 done by Better Business Bureau, McDonalds and Burger King had 90 % of fast food advertised at school. McDonalds targeted more than 40% of its ads to young children (FPD, 2013). Both restaurants serve junk and unhealthy food that make children gain weight rapidly. Moreover, several adolescents addict to video games advertised in school, which is a waste of students’ time and affect negatively their marks, so advertising in school is not profitable in any way for students.

To summarize, advertising in school should strongly be prohibited because it distracts school’s atmosphere, influence on children’s desire...

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