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Shortage Of Nurses Essay

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“The Nursing Shortage”

Final Report


While the nurses are disappearing from developing nations to help the shortage in the United States, it is putting a strain on health systems in the developing world. American found a simple solution to the problem of our nursing shortage and how we have turned to the global market where nurses have become a hot commodity. Even though it seems to be a natural thing to import nurses, since we import everything else. By importing nurses it saves time and money but it will cause more problems in the end.

The Nursing Shortage

In the United States is a situation where the demand for nurses is greater than the supply, as is ...view middle of the document...

A study was performed by, sociologist Bryan Turner, initially identified nurses’ most important complaints as subordination to the medical profession as well as over regulation, and difficult working conditions. Also, a report from the Commonwealth of

Austria identified some of the dissatisfaction as stemming from frequent schedule changes, overloads, shift work, lack of appreciation by superiors and colleagues, as well as lack of childcare. Inadequate pay was not a problem. Later, a study revealed that the dissatisfaction among nurses focused on conflicting expectations from nurses and managers due to regulation of cost, lack of opportunity to provide comprehensive nursing care, loss of confidence in and frustration with, the healthcare system. Limitations to comprehensive care were identified because nurses are overloaded with the number of assigned patients, massive paperwork for billing purposes, short staffing to cost. (3) The major reason why nurses leave the field is because of the working conditions. With the high turnover rate, the nursing field does not have a chance to build up the already frustrated staff. Aside from the deteriorating working conditions, the real problem is nursing’s failure to be attractive to the younger generation. There is a decline in interest among college students to consider nursing as a probable career.
Luring Nurses from Poor Countries
The amount of nurses from poor to rich countries has strained health system in developing world, which are already facing severe shortages of their own. By removing the immigration cap, would hit the Philippines the hardest because they send more nurses to the United States than any other country. The health care in the Philippines has deteriorated in recent years as a result of thousands of nurses has moved abroad. According to George Cordero, President of the Philippine Nurse Association, “The Filipino people will suffer because the U.S. will get all our trained nurses.”

Nursing Shortage Impact
Several factors are involved in the shortage of nurses; increase the nurses’ patient loads, the risk of error, increase the risk of spreading infections to patients and staff’s increase risk for occupational injury and a great increase in burnout and nursing turnover. The same negative impact is also true in developing countries due to recruitment to work abroad in wealthier countries.
Patching up the shortage
Health care industries utilized float pool nurses and agency nurses to respond to the census of current patients needing medical attention. Float pool nurses are nursing staff employed by the hospital to work in any unit where necessary within the organization. Agency nurses are employed by outside agencies and the nurses have the opportunity to be in any hospital on a daily, weekly or contractual basis as needed. With both types of agencies, the nurses are only able to work within their licensed area of practice, training and certification. ...

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