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Short Answer Essay

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Febuary 16, 2015
Leah Reagan PSY/460

The definition of environmental psychology is to study how the environment can influence and affect how a person react or acts and certain aspects of their life, for example if you have to use the rest room and you are in a place with a waterfall or a water feature it can cause you to have the use the restroom room with much more intensity then if you did not see the water, or if you are in a place with dimly lit lights and soft music you start to feel drowsy/ ...view middle of the document...

Many employees at work listen to music which seems to help with productivity and causes employees to be upbeat and cheerful having this kind of information is very beneficial with that being said Architectural psychology is just as important as is environmental psychology the two go hand in hand.
Architectural psychology gave importance to the physical environment of one’s area (Steg, 2013). This information is useful to assist with the help of relieving physical stressors; It can help with the design of a room which can help and aide with how people function whether they are at work or at home. Some people have their rooms designed based on feng shui concepts which is supposed to promote relaxing living concepts. Some architects create buildings that reflect the sun this is done to reduce the interior temperatures, some will create rooms that help make overcrowded rooms feel less crowded when they are crowded by raising the ceilings of the rooms during construction, some will try to make a room feel bigger by having larger windows put in instead of the standard size windows these small changes help with the functioning of the room as well as the functioning of those who utilize it.

Steg, L. (2013). Environmental psychology: An introduction to environmental psychology.

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