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Ship Break Essay

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Ship Breaking Industry of Bangladesh Presentation Speech
Slide1: Today I am going to talk about the burning issue of Bangladesh…It’s all about the ship breaking industry.
Slide 2: Here is an outline of my presentation.
Slide 3: At first let me make you know about the definition of ship breaking....... ship breaking and recycling is defined as an industry that, through the use of land, infrastructure, machinery, and labor and through the consumption of utilities, converts ships that have outlived their economic life into steel and other recyclable items, which are then sold in local markets.
Slide 4: Ship breaking was started in 1960 in UK & USA and in Bangladesh it was introduced ...view middle of the document...

Slide 12: As I told you earlier Ship Breaking industry has a great impact on the environment. It is increasing the ph level of the sea water and also releasing a lot of scrapped in the sea…so it is polluted day by day.
Slide 13: Moreover it has devastating effect on the biodiversity & the organic life. Because of the pollutant the turbidity of the sea water is growing high. The lives of the shore area are in danger.
Slide 14: There is a satellite picture of ship breaking area which shows the destruction forest land.
Slide 15: According to the Environment Conservation Rules ship breaking is in orange b category which means that every ship which comes to be broken needs an Environmental Clearance.
Slide 16: Here is a future plan of the ship breaking industry which includes the development of the health & working condition of the worker, development of waste reception facility & also framing of guide line.
Slide 17: After some serious accidents in the sector Government has taken the initiative to ensure the better working...

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