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Shift In Demands For Resources Essay

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Eco. 251

Whenever you are dealing with the economic (the study of how people select to use resources) you can also include the shift in demands for resources, productivity, and income inequality. I will attempt to give a good definition and elaborate on demand for resources, productivity, and income inequality.
Shift in demand for resources is when there is a change in something that is needed. When there is a need for a product or service, it will create a shift in demand for that product or service which will be an upward slope. For an example if there is a need for a specific name brand computer that will produce a shift in demands for the completed computer and all the components that the computer consists of. Certain holidays causes a shift in demand for resources such Christmas and New Year’s, during these holidays the demands for employees goes up because there are more products to be ordered, unloaded ...view middle of the document...

The beginning of the next day the employees was informed of theirs production and if they did not make it they had to explain what prevented them from making their production. Companies used productivity as a measurement of their cost, and try to have their production to a point that will be beneficial to them. Some companies pays employees based on productivity, the more products is produce the more the more the employees makes. I think quality and production should go together, because if the product is not quality work then the productivity is in vain.
Income inequality is when the income is not equal among people. Based on what I see in the news today we have income inequality in the United States of America. The 99% who are marching all over the world believes there is a great deal of income inequality, it is very sad to think that laws have been enacted to protect the financially stable citizens.
Any time Mr. Warren Buffet states that he” pays a lower percentage in income taxes than his secretary” then you know there in inequality in the income distribution. The system is currently design to keep the rich, “rich” and to prevent everyone else from achieving any financial gains. We all should be treated equally and somehow the elite feel like they are above the law and can do anything they want to do.

I believe in working for what I want, or for what I need and I also believe that we all should have the same opportunities to be successful at what we would like to do. I think it is wrong when rules and regulations allow certain people to achieve more than others. As long as there is income inequality there will always be poor people in the mist of us, what people must realized is that that income inequality hurts everyone. There is a trigger down effect when there is an income inequality and that effect is not positive.
So in reality, the shift in demand of resources, productivity, and income inequality all ties in together. When productivity goes up, a shift in demand of resources goes up. The income inequality will be in place regardless of the shift and the productiveness because the elites are protected by the rules and regulation and it will take an act of Congress to change that.

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