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Sheraton On The Park Essay

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Table of Contents
Procedures 2
1. Introduction of Sheraton 2
2. The role of the HR Manager 3
3. The overall business strategy 4
4. The adopts reference to the employment relationship 5
Reference 5

1. Introduction of Sheraton
Located in the Centre of Sydney's, Sheraton on the Park (formerly known as Grand Park) was purchased and changed the name by Sheraton Hotel in 1994.
Public areas of the hotel include two restaurants, a lounge-style glasses and a lobby lounge. The facilities include 24-hour business services center as secretarial support and access to computers. At the same time, a ballroom, capable of sitting 550 people, and nine smaller function ...view middle of the document...

People can now book online.
The hotel has about 522 people in the 21 'division'. The majority 72% of full-time employees, although a significant proportion of employees about 28% to work on a part-time or casual basis. Of the 522 employees, about 48% are women. Relative high staff/guest ratio of almost 01:01 room reflects '5 star 'hotel. The nature and scope of services provided labor.
Each department head has high degree of autonomy in the organization and all employees are empowered to make decisions related to most of the requests and complaints from customers.

Table of Approximate number of employees by department, 2000 (Sheraton Hotels and Resorts)
Department | Number of Staff |
Restaurant and conservatory lounge | 65 |
Gekko’s Restaurant | 16 |
Hyde Park Bar | 5 |
Room service | 21 |
Stewards | 47 |
Kitchens | 59 |
Health Club | 8 |
Executive Club | 6 |
Banquets service | 72 |
Bell desk | 57 |
Car park | 19 |
Front office | 29 |
Communications | 7 |
Maintenance | 17 |
Housekeeping | 135 |
Reservations | 7 |
Sales and Marketing | 13 |
Human resources | 6 |
Finance | 10 |
Security | 12 |
Stores | 4 |
*The total exceeds the number of people employed by the hotel because some employees work across departments |

2. The role of the HR Manager
Human Resource Management at the hotel is located in the coast of the best professionals in our staff. In my opinion, the students of the really great and successful have a very diverse range of skills and attributes.
They can see the big picture but also have the ability to look at the details, the concept of balance, structure and work plan with realistic and see things through. They have the skills and experience that makes them expert talks and great listeners. They are accounting, marketing, law interpretation, strategic, proactive team, operations management, leadership and, sometimes, peace envoys. They are emotionally intelligent, bright, organized and able to communicate clearly. They work hard, are dedicated and get things done. They balance the sympathetic nerves of steel. Here, is the job they are doing in Sheraton On The Park:
RECRUITMENT: Behavioral interviews for new staff, job analysis. Vacancies in line with sales performance, forecasting, ethnicity and equal opportunity
PAYROLL: The annual budget in line with revenues. Designed wage scales, job grading. Payroll forecast delivered in a timely manner. Subscribe to wage costs. Productivity analysis. Prepare annual bonus table. Data collated competitive salary and remuneration in the market.
INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS: Develop and implement the industry code. The hearing complaints and discipline to ensure that the legal standards, ethics and maintained. Intermediary between management and associates.
LAW: report and action in light of the new legislation. Adhere to Australian Government legislation.
PROJECT: Implementation and monitoring of the Project Management Professional. Job...

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