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Shell Company Essay

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Royal Dutch Shell PLC RDS.A



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A reported second-quarter results Thursday. Net income rose to $11.6 billion, up 33% from $8.7 billion in the second quarter of 2007. In the |
|exploration and production segment, liquid prices increased 74% and natural-gas prices increased 54%, while total oil and gas production fell 1%, to 3.054 million |
|barrels of oil equivalent per day. These factors drove a 90% increase in upstream earnings. Shell's downstream oil product segment suffered from lower realized |
|gross refining margins and higher operating costs. The company is continuing its massive capital program; it invested $8.0 billion in the second quarter. |
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|Thesis 05-16-2008 |
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|In the wake of large downward reserves revisions, Shell has seen its competitive position weaken. However, it remains an attractive business, thanks to strong |
|company fundamentals. |
|In 2004, Shell stunned investors with a sharp downward revision to its proved oil and gas reserves, ultimately slashing the figure by one third. The incident |
|highlighted fundamental weakness in the firm's most profitable segment, exploration and production. In light of the revised data, Shell's reserve life index (the |
|ratio of proved reserves to annual production) sits just under 10 years. Further, production has declined steadily over the last several years. In the years to |
|come, as the firm replaces depleted reserves, it faces an uphill battle relative to some of its peers. |

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