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Shakespeare Play Vs Movie Essay

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I believe the 1968 version of Shakespeare is not accurately portrayed. The scene we saw was the sword fight between Tybalt and Mercutio. Although it was not accurate their was little stage direction which allows creative freedom from the director. His interpretation of the sword fight was more humorous then serious. It was handled very well. Mercutio was the more dominant fighter mocking his opponent. Although he was more dominant both fighters initially did not try to harm each other. Then Tybalt gets the better of him towards the end leading Mercutio to accidentally stabbing him. The play script seems a more serious battle between the two where they are actually fighting for their family is a life threatening way rather then a humorous way. I personally liked the this interpretation as it seems more likely it was an accident.
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In the 1968 version he was stabbed and killed soon after within the same scene. While in the 1996 film he is stabbed and injured but manages to escape on his own without dying for some time after. Another difference is the environment of the fight. The 1996 version is very serious and both men are truly trying to kill each other, while in the 1968 interpretation the men are fitting in a humorous way rather then serious. A similarity between the two is the exact same script and similar dialogue. Also Romeo is portrayed in both to be a serious kid trying to end the fight as he knows the outcome will be death.
My opinion of the Westside fight between the two gangs was it was poorly done. The dance was very choppy and didn't go well with the fight. I know its hard to fight and dance at the same time, but in my opinion watching it i wasn't in suspense seeing a true fight and didn't give great dancing. I feel it was a failed attempt to combine the two. I thought this senario would be best to have Mercutio and Tybalt in a well choreographed fight while the gangs in the back danced. Also the knife fighting between the two did not look realistic i was not a fan but it was a good attempt.
The comedy version of Romeo and Juliet was a huge success in my opinion, I am a huge fan. The part that worked for me was the way three men portrayed all the characters in such a fast and easy way to follow. My favorite seen was the death of romeo and Juliet. A sad part in the actually script was portrayed is a humors matter that allowed me to appreciate the creative freedom. The death was long and over dramatic. The way Juliet stabs herself with the knife had the whole crowd laughing. I was also a fan of the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio. Prior to seeing it i thought it was going to be a huge scene but in reality it lasted around five seconds which gave it the comedic interpretation. I was not a fan of how short it was. I would of loved to have the act last longer. Other then that i give this an A plus.

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