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Sexuality At Different Stages Essay

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Sexuality at Different Life Stages

Come to me when those moments in your life arise that cause you to seek advice from a professional voice of reasoning! That can be a good slogan for a therapist to use, as that’s basically the service that they provide to people. Sometimes we as people do need to express the things that’s going on in our life to another person. I never had to consult a therapist in my life, but I do see the benefits of that process. I don’t have the credentials to be a licensed therapist, but I’ll play as a therapist for the day. Everybody is different and the personal situations of Anna, the couple Tom and Susan, and Bill all differ, but all seek the advice from the ...view middle of the document...

This is common because a lot of older couples go through this stage and the desire and skill will decrease more and more. This is also a serious situation because it could possibly lead to a split of the couple. Susan has more time on her hands and that is a factor that lead to her sexual desire rise. This seems as if Tom is where the problem lies though. I’d recommend that he starts being an active participate in sexual activity with Susan. It’s understandable to have self-doubt at his age because of being past his prime, but there are things he can do to help build his sexual desire. Things such as male enhancement pills and positive reinforcement from Susan will definitely help with their situation. Maybe it’s all mental for Tom but this something he can overcome and I can see him and Susan having a healthy sex life again.

Bill is in a different situation all together because he has been physically handicapped since he was a child. The nervousness and anxiety he has is greatly understandable. The first thing is to make sure he is able to participate in sexual activities. Assuming that he can, I’d advise he start to have a lot more conversations with his partner regarding sex. When it does eventually happens Tom...

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