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Sexism Essay

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Sexism is still in evidence in the workplace and in today's society despite the battle that women are making for themselves. Sexism is a particular concern for society when considering its effect in the workplace.  Sexism has always been a particular problem in the labor market especially with the formation of capitalism. 
Woman hold a large percentage of the work force in companies but hardly any seems to pertain any of the power. There are many obstacles in the way of woman in careers; women are in the quest for equal pay for both sexes. The pay should be the same for the same jobs, but many companies pay men a higher salary then women for the same job causing sex discrimination. Sex ...view middle of the document...

Men use strategies to cope with women such as patronizing them, not listening to them seriously, being over protective and shielding them from dangerous situations so they never have the knowledge of how to cope.
We can see that even with the law, there is many loop holes that clever employees can seek. This isn't the only thing that stands in the way of woman who wants a career. There are many other obstacles. Society is a very powerful instrument. The society they are in molds people.  It changes the way people think and act. Woman can almost see what the outcome of the case of sexual discrimination in the workplace will be before even going to court, saving themselves victimization from male counterparts.  From what we have seen it appears that male dominance is to be blamed for women's under achievement in the work place.
Clearly, it can be seen that women are getting the same wage as men in low paying jobs since the Sexual Discrimination act was passed in 1975 but there is still a long way to go until woman in managerial jobs get an equal wage to their counterparts.  With most woman wanting babies, and leaving full time work to have a child and...

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