Sex And The City Essay

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Dayanna Flores
Marx and Sex in the City
1. Recap of Marx
a. Economic organization “mode of production”
i. Basis of social phenomena
ii. Includes social relations, political, legal systems, morality and ideology
b. If they do not completely arise from these ideas they are greatly influenced.
c. Superstructure
iii. Includes culture, institutions, political power structures, roles, ...view middle of the document...

—Martha E. Gimenez, Marxism and Class, Gender and Race: Rethinking the Trilogy[15]
3. Sex and the City
e. Class structure
vii. Bourgeoisie
1. Carrie wishes to have her possessions from Big, but does not wish to face him in person, Samantha comments "We can pay people to do that."
2. These anonymous people become intermediaries for all human contact, making alienation of those in a wealthier position
f. Consumerism
viii. Characters are grotesque consumerist obsessed caricatures
ix. Class war issue
3. Caste system
x. Obsessed with materialistic acquisition
g. Compassion for her fellow man
xi. Samantha and her man
xii. Carry and butler fantizes about their “romantic” state but selfish forgets that he can not afford to actually go see his wife.
4. Conclusion

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