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Setting Essay

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Describe the "setting" in "Country Lovers". Do not include a summary or the theme. Write between 100 and 150 words.

The setting in the short story “Country lovers” takes place in the narrator’s home country, South Africa, and is about dealing with the complications of having a relationship, which includes a black girl and a white boy, during the apartheid period. At first the narrator presents us to the life, of a physical environment, the life ...view middle of the document...

We get encountered with the village, the town and the “dried up river bed” known as the place, where the two lovers meet secretly. The farm is described as the white mans farm with natives surrounding the white men while working for them, and the town is known as the place where the white boy Paulus had been to school and where the trial in court takes place.

Describe the setting (and only the setting) in "Tony's Story". Write between 100 and 150 words.

“Tony’s Story” takes place somewhere near the city of Albuquerque in the state of New Mexico, that houses American Indian reservations.
The first scene is on the 10th of August, San Lorenzo’s Day. We get introduced to two young Indians; the weather is dry, dusty and dehydrated. It is a hot summer.
On the reservation were the Indians lived, they were religious, poor and kind they did not want any trouble, but just to be them selves, without fearing the white people.
The landscape where the cop is following them is described as wide open, and with mountains and canyons with dusty dry roads. It hadn’t ben raining for a long time, so everything was dried up, and the tumbleweeds were dying, after Tony kills the cop, the rain clouds started gathering in the sky.

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