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Sensory Perceptions Essay

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I will be covering information regarding the senses, the reasons for believing in the accuracy of sensory. Identify and describe the factors of sensory data. The roles of memory of the evaluation and interpretation of sensory data.
When you touch something hot, your senses send a message to your brain to tell you to move your hand so you won’t be burned. Your sense of smell can also tell you there is danger, when you smell smoke or any foul odor like gas, you can trust your accuracy of that sensory. Your sense work the same with you sight, when you see people talking you can tell if they are having a pleasant conversation. Your sensory also can let you know if the person is having an argument just by their body language and tone. Sometime people could see things different due to health reason. Bizarre disorder can mean you can’t believe you your eyes. Brain damage reveals the visual cortex engineer our perception ...view middle of the document...

Our sensory organs may be working fine the environmental influences may disturb your interpretation of the data the organs the organs are trying to send, for example, you could look down the street and not see anything or anyone and you think it is safe to walk down the street, but someone could be behind a tree or other object was not always interpret sensory correctly, no matter what sensory organ we are using the most important reason is that we should be aware that we may not always rely on sensory. Often times I could be driving and do not remember passing different stores and all of a sudden I am at home. Your sensory really kicks in when driving, that’s how you can get places and sometimes not remember. When we realize that senses are fallible, then we can begin to adjust to surface appearance and personal distortions. Kirby and Goodpaster, Thinking, 2007, pg 57. The statement, “There is nothing in the mind unless it is first in the senses” says in stark simplicity, that our brain would be empty without the senses. Kirby and Goodpaster, Thinking, 2007, pg 57. If this view is correct, then sensing would be the main source of the raw data for thinking: if we sense better, we can think better.

Your senses work in so many different ways, when something is hot and you touch it and message is sent your brain to move it or you will be burned. Your noes also can let you know that danger is upon you, when you smell smoke or gas. When you see people have conversation you can tell if they are being pleasant or if they are having a heated conversation just by their voice and their body language. You can drive down the street and not remember passing a store or a sign, and when you look up you have made it home and not realize. You can develop health issues and this can cause you things differently, you could be looking at a dinner placement, but you can only see the spoon, but everything else would be a blur. There is nothing in the mind unless it is first in the senses. The brain would be empty without our senses


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