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To accomplish and fulfill my desire to be happy in an environment where I can offer my experiences. To learn more as I grow in audit department which is willing to give me a chance to improve and use many other skills that I have and am willing to learn, if given the opportunity.
Motivated, personable business professional with college degree and a successful 8-years track record of operation field in call center. Recently completed CMA-Part one course. Dedicate, energetic and motivated team player seeking a career that would enable me to utilize intoaudit field. Ability to work successfully in averseand experience situations. Innovative problem solver, who thrives ...view middle of the document...

 Maintains attendance records, processes employee paperwork, and submits payroll information as required and to support administration in an accurate and timely fashion.
 Supports department projects as needed including any special assignments/working hours.
 Evaluates staff on ability to meet performance objectives through continuous coaching and development in a blended environment.
 Contributes to the Call Center management a planning and achievement of goals for Call Center activities on an hourly, shift, daily, and weekly basis.
 Observes calls to ensure proper quality and productivity offering employee coaching and development when necessary and/or required.
 Monitors KPIs and trends to identify areas of opportunity.
 Reviews and evaluates staff on ability to meet those objectives.
 May handle escalated customer complaints upon customer request and utilizes escalations as a method to train and develop staff.
 Volume of productivity of each agent.
 Lead and motivate the team to achieve sales objectives and targeted profitability and to conduct regular team meetings and action to constructive outcome and to brief the team with new initiatives and campaigns
 Ensure staff awareness and adhere to the Bank’s Code of Conduct, Internal related policies and procedures, CBE regulations, Banking Law, AML Law and Secrecy Law.
 Perform any additional related tasks as assigned.
 Participates in the development, implementation and update of all aspects of Customer Service Training.
 Monitor & coach agent’s calls to spot opportunities for any improvement in the service provided.

Call Center Quality Assurance Supervisor – Senior Specialist Sep. 2008 To Dec. 2010
 Plan, organize, control and coordinate activities of QA department. Lead, manage and fully execute all programs, procedures, practices, activities, etc. to assure and achieve quality standards.
 Use data to design new programs and procedures to enhance the customer service function.
 Plans and directs implementation and administration of monitoring programs that impact customer.
 Coordinate and facilitate Quality ongoing review programs to ensure proper adherence and compliance to customer service requirements & standards
 Recommends evaluation, analysis and process changes to Call Centre management.
 Creates analysis forecast to project business needs and priorities. Studies information to assess Call Centre quality trends, best practices, and seasonal quality fluctuations.
 Develops and/or adjusts Call Centre processes in coordination with Call Centre Head to create a consistent exceptional customer service experience.
 Recommend and implement corrective and preventive measures to improve customer satisfaction and meet quality Key Performance Indicators.
 Work closely with Training department to ensure that Call Centre staff are sufficiently trained and managed to accomplish shared goals by creating training programs to achieve consistent...

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