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Senior Executive Logistics Essay

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(FORM – V)

(See rule 14)

Environmental Statement for the financial year ending the 31st March, 2014.


1. Name and address of the owner/occupier of the industry operation or process :
Shyam Century Ferrous (A Division of Star Ferro and Cement Ltd.)
Owner: Sri. Sajjan Bhajanka
6 Lyons Range, 1st Floor
Kolkata – 700001

2. Industry category: Large Scale.
3. Production Capacity: Ferro Silicon 21600 MTPA (After Expansion of one - 9 MVA Furnace)
4. Year of establishment: 2001.
5. Date of the last environmental statement submitted: 8th May, 2013

Part – B

Water and Raw Material Consumption.

1. Water consumption m3/d
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| Total Quantity (kg) |
|2012-13 2013-14 |
|a) From Process (Slag) 449.340 767.270 |
|b) From Pollution Facilities ------ ----- |
|c) Quantity Re-cycled or re-utilised within the unit |
| Sold 504.000 756.000 |
| Disposed ----- ----- |

Ferrous Sillicate Slag produced, during production of Ferro Silicon is 46 kg per MT of Alloy. Ferrous Sillicate slag having sale value in the market, so segregated as per requirement and sold.

Ferrous Silicate Slag: SiO2. 54%

Towards pollution abatement an efficient pollution control unit has been installed.
Cost factor of running...

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