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I have been in management in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. Over the course of this time I have learned so many valuable skills that I am proud of. It was quite easy for me to pick out where my strengths were, but I had some difficulty admitting to my weakness. However, I realize my career is stagnating because of the area I need to address. As a result, I am eager to learn more about “motivating and leading employees” as well as “understanding accounting issues”.
I have always had a keen sense of who a person is in the early stages of our working relationships. A few have surprised me, but generally I am correct in my first assumption of what their behavior will be at the workplace. My strength in motivating employees is my ability to process an individual’s personality and manage them in a way that feels natural for them. Every employee is different, therefore ...view middle of the document...

He did a great job and was efficient, but brought the staff down with negativity. I brought up the idea of making him a server. The fact that he did his job very well despite his negativity was to his benefit. He was given a trial run. It was a success! All he needed was a challenge.
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My nemesis is accounting. Oddly enough I enjoy math and some accounting but I have a difficult time figuring out income statements, balance sheets, depreciation et al. When I look at these statements, I become overwhelmed. I have taught myself the basics of accounting; more so the everyday accounting or rather bookkeeping for the business. As well as, menu costing, labour/ food cost and budgeting. However, accounting is not just bookkeeping and knowing which box to put the numbers in. I feel I need to know intrinsically how the financial statements come to be. This is the area where I need improvement.
For the most part, my career has been fulfilling. I came out of the gates running, but in the last 10 years I have only made minimal successes and mostly lateral moves in my career. Retrospectively, I have not reached for higher because I was scared I did not have the financial knowledge and schooling to compete. Taking the first steps to enroll in school is an integral part in improving my position. I know that my leadership skills have grown and will continue to do so, with each new staff member I meet. I am, and have been, a valuable asset to the companies that I have worked for. My goals, after this course is finished, are to: Have a basic understanding of the financials, have a better than average business vocabulary and an above average understanding of human resources. At work, I will make sure I ask questions from the accountants to make sure I comprehend the information being given to me.
I feel that I will do myself justice in focusing on both my new position (I’ve just been promoted to General Manager), and the business foundations course I have enrolled in. I look forward to writing the second part of this analysis at the end of this course.

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