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Personal Reflection on the Self Paper

Deonte Jones


January 26, 2012
Yvonne Moore

Personal Reflection on the Self Paper

At the cross-roads of the objective reality of behavior and the myriad of perceptions, representations, and schemas that constitute human thought is the mediating element of the self. It cannot be discounted that the individual self does not exist in a vacuum, but rather in a social framework that includes regular contact with other selves. The self is more a confederation or alliance of concepts than a single, unilateral mechanism, bringing together the possible-self, the social-self, and the self-concept into one amalgamated system. ...view middle of the document...

Self Esteem
The subjective representation of self-esteem is largely defined by the gap between the present self and the possible-self, and the individual self and other selves. There is no definitive consensus about whether high self-esteem causes success or success causes high self-esteem, but it is clear that they are highly correlated. Moreover, the preservation of self-esteem can motivate beneficial adaptive behavior, such as acting with greater sensitivity to other’s expectations; but the flip side is that unrealistic self-esteem can lead to self-aggrandizing and retaliatory behavior, such as bullying and defensiveness. It would seem that the best strategy for raising overall self-esteem, while keeping inflated self-esteem in check, is to develop talents and relationships rather than a better personal self image. In all, the social-self defines the broad strokes through which people construct a subjective representation of the gap between the possible-self, other selves, and the self-concept (i.e. self-esteem).
Self Efficacy
If the self-concept is the evaluation of “Who am I?” and self-esteem is based on the perceived gap between the present self and the possible-self and/or other selves, then self-efficacy is the reasonable belief that the gap can be bridged. Put another way, self-efficacy is the confidence that a person is competent and effective (Myers, 2008). Furthermore, the addition of persistence to competence can lead to accomplishment, which in turn reinforces a sense of self-efficacy, as mediated by the perception that outcomes are internally controllable rather than externally controlled (i.e. locus of control). If an organism perceives that repeated bad events are externally controlled, then a sense of resignation and apathy, referred to as learned helplessness, can render competence impotent by undermining persistence. Conversely, if bad events can be avoided through the exercise of self-control, then organisms tend to develop a sense of self-determination. In sum, competence leads to accomplishment through the avenue of persistence, as arbitrated by the locus of control, to the end of self-efficacy.
Social Situations
When I was in high school I was the fastest runner in my grade every year. There was even one year, junior year I believe, when I was the fastest person in the school. There were a few track practices when we would just run 6 miles and go home. I would finish two laps ahead of everyone else. There were days when we would run 200 meter sprints interspersed with 200 meter walks for 4 hours at a time. Anyway, one day when we were running back to back 200 meter sprints with 30 second breaks in-between several of my team mates ask me a rather odd question, “Will you please slow down? You are making us look bad.” I was raised in the United States of America in Fort Worth, Texas. I live in the Lone Star state. Individualism is firmly built into my...

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