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Self Competency Essay

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Experiential Exercise: Self Competency—Key Competencies Self-Assessment Inventory

Self-competence describes the attitudes, abilities and knowledge required in order to reflect on yourself and your own personality. As such it forms the basis for developing other competences. Every one of us has a range of personal dispositions, of personal characteristics or acquired views/attitudes, which influence us all in our daily lives. In order to fully develop your own abilities/talents and overcome (personal) obstacles it is important to have personal skills, and to set your own objective

1) What does your overall profile suggest in ...view middle of the document...

I strongly feel the urge to change myself. Although, I like exploring the new ideas, I am not open to change.

2) Based on the competency most in need of development, identify three possible actions that you might take to reduce the gap between your current and desired level for that competency.
Based on my current level of being self-controlled, I feel I need to work on these three ideas to be better professional.
- Perceiving, appraising, and interpreting accurately: Although, I am a good listener, I sometime wonder in my own thoughts and stop being active listener for a moment. That seems to be issue to perceive a situation. I guess to understand a message it is necessary to be active listener.
- Understanding and acting on work-related motivations and emotions: To understand the boundary of work-life balance and manage them both is essential part of successful leader. To self-motivate and control our emotion, we need to make sure, we enjoy both lives individually.

a) Would others who work with you closely or know you well agree with your self-assessment profile?
I guess, person, who knows me professionally would not understand my dilemma so well. But, if someone who knows me well, would definitely agree with my self-assessment
b) In what dimensions might their assessments of you be similar to your own? Why? In what dimensions might they differ? Why?
I feel their assessment, would probably align with mine

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