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Personality is what makes a person. Personalities are traits that a person exhibits. How can you measure personality? There are several ways that an organization or manager can forecast what type of person would be best for a certain job. Independent self-surveys are available for managers to predict how an individual’s behavior will be in the workplace.
For this assignment, three family members were asked to take self-assessment tests. Self-assessment tests help a person examine their values, access their work environment, and help a person make uniformed decisions about their current lifestyle. Self-assessment can guide you and steer you to implementing a realistic ...view middle of the document...

All three family members scored fairly high and have no problems with empathy and social skills.
What’s My Affect Intensity?
Sometimes people fly off the handle, scream or just keep their feelings inside. People differ in the way they present their emotions. Emotions at work can create work hazards. If a manager is always yelling at an employee, this employee will have low job satisfaction and could affect other employees. Two family members who did this self-assessment were in the mid-40s, whereas the third family member in the high 20s. The family members in the high 40s are sometimes pressured at work, under a lot of stress and always trying to multi-task. Emotions at work can be good and bad. Helping a co-worker cope with stress or sudden emergency shows compassion. However, being loud, obnoxious or angry at co-workers may result in burnout.
Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker
The next group of tests is focused on the workplace and how engaged and satisfied employees can be. The first self-assessment test is based on how to make decisions. People make rash decisions, on a whim and sometimes without even thinking. This test assesses how deliberate you are when making decisions. In this assessment, all three family members were very close in score in the mid 20’s. These scores mean that they do not make rash decisions and think before making the decision. They may sometimes be quick in making a decision, but overall think before they act.
How Satisfied Am I With My Job
This assessment relates to job satisfaction. A very high...

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