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Security Stability In Somalia Essay

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Security Stability in Somalia
Since their indirect elections on September 12, 2012, and despite the fragile regional security situation of the Horn of Africa, Somalia has continued to experience significant and sustained progress towards security stability in their country. In order for Somalia to succeed as viable and trusted state, the United States (US) as well as the International Community should not allow another security stability failure in Somalia. The US and the International Community must focus on helping to sustain Somalia’s efforts against the fight of the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization, help to counter piracy, and to help build capacity and capability in the Somali ...view middle of the document...

The effects of the security focus are currently starting to show up. For example, the counter piracy efforts off the coast of Somalia have caused a drop in piracy activities according to US Department of State figures (Kelly, 2012). This drop in piracy activities is mainly due to an effective international military pressure from the sea, and a less tolerant attitude towards the pirates from the authorities in land. That, in conjunction with a feverish construction activity, an economic recovery unknown for decades, and the realization of initiatives of cooperation is starting to create some optimism about the future of Somalia (Richter, 2013). According to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), “for the first time in more than two decades, Somali people spoke of new hopes, optimism and confidence, as well as strong faith in the new developments in the country even though still facing daunting challenges” (UNSC, 2013). These developments, as well as other developments in political stability, have some people in the US and the International Community talking about Somalia, not as a failed state but as a fragile state with the potential to be a viable state.
In effect, after the long process of political transition in Somalia successfully reached last autumn, the new Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) feels provided with a new legitimacy, and already does not want direction from the exterior. The newly elected FGS wants to be the one to direct the process of progressive consolidation of Somalia as a viable state. “We are the Somali Government, and we will be the ones who determine the type of assistance that we want, and where and when we want it”, said President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the newly elected president of Somalia (Mohamud P. H., 2013). This perception of legitimacy, based in the fact that the government of Somalia is already not a transition mechanism, but a sovereign and representative government, prompted the formal recognition of the Government of Somalia on the part of the US. The US made the announcement last January 17, 2013 during a press conference between then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Somalia’s new President Mohamud. This recognition is important because allow the FGS to participate in certain assistance programs, to include military training and financing (Watkins, 2013).
President Mohamud acknowledges that there is still external dependence on foreign aid and assistance. Therefore, the President wants to articulate the international efforts within the framework of his “six pillars” strategy. This strategy will try to establish the mechanisms for success in the following order: achieve the stability of the country; accelerate the economic recovery; construct the peace and exile the main causes of conflict; improve the capacity of the government to answer the needs of its people and provide the required services; strengthen the bonds of friendship with international associates, nearby countries and...

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