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Security Policy & Standard, Task 2

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Health Body Wellness Center
Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Health Body Wellness Center (HBWC) promotes medical research, evaluation, and sharing of information between health care professionals. The HBWC’s Office of Grants Giveaway (OGG) provides for the distribution of federally supported medical grants. OGG uses a Microsoft Access database program called Small Hospital Tracking System (SHGTS) to manage the medical grant distribution process. A risk assessment of SHGTS was conducted to evaluate vulnerabilities and establish a baseline of potential threats. This document will outline an ISMS plan for HBWC and provide recommendation of additional steps ...view middle of the document...

Key players:
Management, Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT) staff all should provide players to make up the ISMS committee. The key to success is having management drive the process and establish the framework for the company to follow.
HBWC’s goal is to provide an effective method to promote medical research and the exchange of information of heath care professionals. Institutions rely on grants from OGG to meet this goal. The establishment of a secure environment for SHGTS to operate is paramount to success.
Snapshot of security posture:
No current ISMS policy is in place at this time. With the aid of the SHGTS risk assessment a review of the overall security posture and development of a comprehensive ISMS plan for HBWC and its customers.
Evaluate all systems and data on the HBWC’s Local Area Network (LAN) to implement an affective ISMS to meet the ISO 27000 series standard. The Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) triad are key considerations of all systems/data that should be evaluated and covered during the PDCA process.
A2. Guiding Security Principles
Three key principles of security are the CIA triad; they provide a basis for identifying and applying industrial security standards for the protection and prevention of IT systems.
Confidentiality policies are designed to prevent unauthorized access to data, databases, including paper data, electronic media, telephone, and data networks (bits and bits).
Integrity policies to prevent the modification of data in transit, transaction integrity, and data at rest. The use of encryption technologies insures data integrity.
Availability policies include equipment maintenance, monitoring degraded services, and response to loss of asset. These security principles are the basis of a good ISMS program and provide a guideline for its development. (Tipton, H, & Henry, K. 2007
Health Body Wellness Center
Information Security Management System (ISMS)
File:FYT2_Task2 Page
A3. Processes
The processes that will be included in the ISMS are the PDCA process, and a transition plan to move HBWC from the current As-is-state to the To-be-state. The PDCA process provides guidance on four steps; develop a plan, implement the plan, verify the plan is in use, and improvement of the plan. Management must first establish guidance for the ISMS team to build a security plan that is current by today’s standards. Next a full risk and vulnerability assessment has to be completed that identifies the current threats so an action plan can be developed that addresses them. The plan will provide guidance on the migration of the company’s network and how to migrate from the “As-is-state” to the To-be-state”.
The ISMS plan will be consistent with ISO 27000 series certification processes. A timeline for implementation, verification/validation, and improvement will be defined as part on the ISMS process. (Arnason, S, & Willett, K.D, 2008)
A4. Information...

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