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Security Essay

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Team Project

Campus theft is theft of personal property on campus or the stealing of property which
belongs to the College. Theft is the most common crime on American college campuses.
All campus community members are potential victims, and we each have a responsibility to
protect ourselves. By looking out for ourselves and each other, we can help eliminate campus
theft. Many other reasons for increased theft on campus is numerous security issues and risks.
The problem statement that Team INFINITY has come up with is identifying various security
risks that lead to increased theft on campus. There are plenty of solutions to prevent this problem
from happening. ...view middle of the document...

Cameras in the parking lot and
and top of the building will help secure the campus by letting people know that they are being
watched at all times, 365 days a year. The easy to install cameras helped make the budget
cheaper on our spending. These cameras from back street surveillance have the highest
resolution on the market and have night vision to help see when weather conditions get rough.
Having cameras throughout the parking lot and inside of the building will help prevent crime
from happening, because probable offenders will know that they are being watched, so they think
twice before deciding their actions. However, crime can not be completely removed, but it can be
prevented with the help of cameras and personal responsibility. Placing of signs and stickers to
show the students and guests will also make them aware that they are being watched at all times.
We also have purchased a DVR box to record everything that is going on throughout the day, 24
hours a day. Just these few things will help prevent crime and assist police officers with further
information if needed.
One more key component to our crime prevention on campus would be credential
security door locks. These locks would be placed on three...

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