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A secretary who has worked for your corporation for fifteen years is involved in a car accident in which she permanently loses the use of her right hand. Thus, she can no longer effectively type, file, or perform many of the other functions that she previously had performed and that are included in her job description.

Your corporation has a very tight budget and does not have sufficient funds to pay for an additional secretary without reallocating budget items. The ...view middle of the document...

She wants to stay at her job.

Moreover, she does not believe that she could find other employment at this time. Should your corporation fire her, lay her off with compensation, or find a way to retain her? In resolving this dilemma, apply:
The Rights Model
Your own personal opinion


What should the company do to resolve its dilemma with the injured secretary knowing that she wants to stay at her job and the company has a very tight budget?


a. Since her accident and physical disability is involuntary, the corporation will have to terminate her but will be paid a reasonable amount of money (separation pay) as a consequence of separation of such employee from the service. The vacant job will be offered to the public who is willing to work in a lower salary due to the tight budget of the corporation.

b. The corporation would have to look for another job that will match the secretary’s new condition and ask the human resource office to find an existing employee who is matched to be a secretary to replace the injured secretary.

c. She can stay with the corporation and continue with her work as a secretary. There will be a little modification to help her like using speech recognition that is found in the control panel for ease access and rearranging the furniture and fixtures that will best fit...

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