Scottish Independence Essay

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Unit 3: Thinking Report
‘Scottish independence’
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As the SNP came to authority four years ago there has been a surge of interest across the country. Becoming independent will mean the people who care most about Scotland will be taken the decision about our future.
A debate was presented by Stewart Hosie, a Member of Parliament for Dundee East, who was in favour of the motion besides Jenny Marra, who was the second presenter, who is a member of the Scottish Parliament for Dundee North East, Scottish Labour, was in opposition to the motion. Stewart Hosie gave an analytical, quantitative and fact driven argument. Jenny Marra gave a biographical, personal and ...view middle of the document...

 Jenny finished her argument by emphasising that the SNP had 80 years to vote whether Scotland would become independent, however this has not succeeded.

There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding whether or not becoming independent is the correct decision; currency, tax, jobs, environment and pensions are all the aspects that the Scottish individuals need to contemplate;

The SNP, as a historic pro-Europe party, has always had a policy of joining the EU. However, because of the state the euro is currently in, they no longer want to join the European common currency, and instead want to use the pound sterling. On the other hand, opponents point out that this would hardly be independence, as they would simply have to follow Westminster and Bank of England policy, and would have no control of crucial exchange rates. Therefore even if an independent Scotland did join the euro, this would simply transfer monetary power from London.

Latest figures for total tax revenue from ‘’ indicates that the country contributes £2.7 billion more in tax than it receives from Westminster, which emphasises that it is £1,000 for every Scottish family. This means they would not have to increase taxation. However, this figure varies from year to year and is dependent on the price of oil. If oil prices fall, as North Sea oil also starts to run out, therefore Scotland would be left with a black hole which would have to be filled with other forms of taxation. Our country severely depends on the oil industry to make most of its incomes but when that’s gone independence won’t be serene. For the last forty years the oil industry has made up a large portion of British income but with supplies subsiding what will we do then?

Another point that Jenny Marra stated was an overall reduction in those out of work in the UK, yet an increase in Scotland. Nationalists claim in the UK figure is skewed by the 100,000 temporary jobs created by the Olympics. Whilst the UK is cutting spending to reduce the national debt, an independent Scotland would borrow more to invest in creating jobs. In the short-run, it would increase the level of national debt. Furthermore, the UK government state the current cuts are necessary to reduce national debt, something which will help the economy recover. Spending more on organisation...

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