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Scientific Investigation And Non Scientific Investigation Essay

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Law, K.Y.

School of Arts and Social Sciences
The Open University of Hong Kong

The paper reviews the main difference between scientific investigation and non-scientific investigation and the change of the scientific principles from different approach.
In the first section of the text, the author describes the definitions of scientific investigation and non-scientific investigation and the different of both researches. Furthermore, Using the example to explain the difference between the two, so that a better understanding.
The second section of this study is to present three styles of scientific principles; it’s divided to positivist search, interpretive search and ...view middle of the document...

What are the differences between scientific and non-scientific approaches to knowledge? On the whole, science is a particular way of analyzing information with the goal of testing claims. What sets science in addition to other method of knowledge acquisition is the use of what is often known as the scientific method. Giving a true definition of the scientific method is difficult as there is little agreement in the scientific community as to what that definition is. Although the scientific community has been rude to agree on a clear definition, the scientific method is rooted in observation, experimentation, and knowledge acquisition through a process of objective reasoning and logic. One notable description of the scientific method comes from A. Aragon (Girth Control 2007, p. 9); he defines the scientific method as: “systematic process for acquiring new knowledge that uses the basic principle of deductive (and to a lesser extent inductive) reasoning. It’s considered the most rigorous way to elucidate cause and effect, as well as discover and analyze less direct relationships between agents and their associated phenomena.” If you asked a panel of scientists to define the scientific method you would receive a large array of answers, but I think most would agree on the basic concepts. The following is an excerpt from Why People Believe Weird Things (Shermer, 1997). “Through the scientific method, that may form the following generalizations: (1) hypothesis: A testable statement accounting for a set of observations. (2) Theory: A well-supported and well-tested hypothesis or set of hypotheses. (3) Fact: A conclusion confirmed to such an extent that it would be reasonable to OFFER provisional agreement.” When using the scientific method one of the main goals is objectivity. Proper use of the scientific method leads us to rationalism (Based on inconclusive intelligence, logic and evidence). Relying on science also helps us prevent dogmatism (acceptance to doctrine over rational and affable inquiry, or basing conclusion on authority rather than evidence). The non-scientific approach to knowledge includes informal kinds of thinking. This approach can be thought of as an everyday unsystematic uncritical way of thinking.
An example of scientific investigation and non-scientific investigation are designing advertisements, advertising organization use the scientific method expressly to improve the effectiveness of the ads they compose. Ads are models that operate consumer behavior, and they are designed with a great deal of scientific input. Each ad has many dimensions that need be measured in detail, such as what headline to use, what size type to use, whether to use pictures, and how large the ad should be. All these questions can be answered using the principles of model test and improvement. The above example approach the scientific investigation and the below example will show what is non-scientific investigation for the sample example. The...

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