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Scientific Inquiry Essay

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Scientific Inquiry
Javier Bryon
AIU Online

By using the controlled experimental method we can prove or disprove hypothesis in question. During the experiment we can come to a conclusion on whether further experimentation is needed or other hypothesis need to be implemented to solve a question.

Blue porch ceilings are quite prevalent along the east coast, there are many theories as to why, from keeping evil spirits out of the home to fooling spiders and wasps into thinking that the ceilings are actually the sky. Many old houses around the Victorian and Colonial era bear this color in their porches due to the popularity at the time, but even now the popularity ...view middle of the document...

Week two: No changes in the behavior of the species, the subjects continue to collect food and implementing their nests.
Week three: Subjects have successfully built nests that include the ceilings of all three enclosures.
Week four: All subjects shown no abnormal behavior and appear to continue to build bigger and stronger nests.
After close observation for thirty days the wasps made nests on all three enclosures. The experiment was conducted the same way with spiders and mud daubers to ensure the accuracy of the results. After close inspection all species demonstrated the same results as the wasps. No abnormal behavior was observed in any of the enclosures during the time of the experiment.
After the experiment concluded it was clear that the sky blue paint did not deceived any of the test subjects into thinking that the ceiling was the sky, and it also proved that the blue paint did not contain any chemicals that may act as a natural repellent to insects. After carefully investigating the implications of the experiment it was...

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