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Science Current Event Essay

373 words - 2 pages

Selena Alvarez
Dr. D U. Ophori
November 21, 2015

Current Event: “Do They Really Care?”

In the article, “How Billionaires Gates, Bezos and Zuckerberg Could Boost Clean Energy” from the National Geographic News, these famous billionaires decide to step up to the plate and make a difference in the world. As I scrolled through different environmental issues happening, I decided to pick something positive. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg known for the famous Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook join together to save ...view middle of the document...

Now that technology is advancing our environment might be getting worse and worse. It is quite ironic how the people that brought us these famous technology websites are the ones helping out. When you think of the whole picture, these investors are willing to bring more technology into the world that might help the environment or maybe it is what can destroy us. If you think this generation is obsessed with technology imagine how obsessed they will be when it completely takes over what we have left in nature. After taking this class, my eyes opened to how ungrateful we have been. Instead of noticing beautiful sights in front of us, we pull out an electronic device and snap a picture to send to social media. Many things we never realized are slowly killing our environment. These include things as simple as using too much water or electricity. I personally want to believe that these investors want to help but in reality I just believe they are trying to make a profit out of everything. Those that are wealthy just crave more and more money. It is important to realize the important things around you, as simple as the grass you are stepping on. Cherish the little things in life. Ask yourself, do these investors really care?

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