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Riding a wave of creative destruction – reflections on Ecology and Society
According to the article “Riding a wave of creative destruction – reflections on Ecology and Society” by L. Gunderson. C. Folke and M. Lee, it is identifying how we have evolved from paper and plastic to paper to electrons (digital medium). Most people and businesses in today society are using electronic formats. Most journals that we read today are in both paper and electronic format. According to the article “The kind of transformation that the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter ...view middle of the document...

Ecology and Society Journal is one of the first entirely digital journals around and always have been. Ecology and Society focuses on the interactions between people, their environment and social-ecological systems. The good thing about Ecology and Society Journal is that it is free to anyone on the internet and has more than 13,000 subscribers in more than 100 countries. This journal does this because by making it free it will contribute to a greater global exchange of knowledge and information, and you don’t have to worry about paying for anything just register so you can get all updates and notices for when new issues are published.
This article is telling me that even though we are going into a different direction globally and gearing away from paper businesses such as Ecology and Society Journal is keeping up with the times by putting everything online. Other businesses are following and are still able to maintain their business because more and more people are able to use electronic devices daily.

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* Riding a wave of creative destruction – reflections on Ecology and Society. Ecology and Society 15(2): 29.

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