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School Has A Major Influence In Moulding A Student

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The School has A Major Influence in Moulding a Student.

Education, as the general view is that the activities relating to the creation and development of knowledge, skills, spiritual and corporeal man. In particular, education is defined as a school activity. This means that education is the activities of the objectives, plans and organization to educate students to become knowledgeable human, moral and master certain skills, able to adapt to the society in the future.

Education involves an institution like a school as school is an important institution in shaping good character in students. The school which is not compatible with the needs of students can result in disciplinary ...view middle of the document...

A student will typically behave and hold attitudes that are acceptable in the classroom when the home and school have the same ideas about how to educate and to hold the same behavior. For example, if in the home, parents will be angry if their child to lie or not to make the training given by the teacher, the students in the same school would be afraid to lie and will make the training provided for the values ​​and aspirations to study at home and the school is connected. Clearly, parents and families play an important role in determining a school's teaching aspirations. Without the cooperation of parents to educate their children so difficult it for a school to adopt and implement policies that have been set.

At school , social interactions often and easily occur between teachers and students and students and students. Thus will undoubtedly facilitate the students as adults later to interact with the community. Pupils actually learn how to live in a community . They are able to understand the social role more effectively because of the early education of socialization in schools. Based on my own experience , from the institutional school that I learned how to interact with society . If before I was a difficult to interact with other people of society but through my involvement in a club , I have a lot to learn how to live in a community and was equally involved in the community. Through...

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