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School Environment Analysis

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School Environment Analysis

There are many environment, contextual factors and community needs of schools across the county. If you ever get the chance to sit down and really think about the different schools around where you live, please ask yourself what you think some of the effects of an involved or not community in the community school in the area where you live? At my current school some of the effects are socioeconomic, geographic, features of the classroom, ethnicity, and community and parent involvement. The overall environment does have an effect on the performance of each individual student.
The community that I am a teacher is in Orlando, Florida. The community is ...view middle of the document...

Due to the low socio-economic status of the community the school is provided with programs to help students with learning. The school has Title I, free/reduced lunches, and reading and math programs to increase learning. The other services include an ASD unit which is very rare in a school environment.
The socio-economic status of the community consists mainly low income families and also single family homes. The political climate of the community is mainly made of the Democratic Party. The support for education from the community is very low, the community does not play a big part in education. The people tend to work several jobs to support their families. Due to the low socio-economic status it has made it difficult to have a lot of student involvement. The ethnic background also plays a big part. More than 60% of the students are black and Hispanic, of this amount more than half are from Haitian descent. This makes it very difficult to communicate with the parents because of the language barriers. This in turn also make it very difficult for the parents to assist the students with homework.
Classroom factors also can affect contextual factors. One factor is things that affect the learning within the classroom. The space in the classes are very small, this makes it very difficult to complete many out of seat activities. It is very important as an educator that the classroom environment is comfortable. According to Jan Vermunt an educational leader in the Netherland various factors in the learning environment and the students themselves can affect the way they go about learning and studying. I believe that it is important that the students feel comfortable in the environment in which they learn. The phrase that I always hear is, “their second home.” Another problem is the lack of technology equipment and other important resources. In today's society it is important for each student to develop their computer and technology skills. There are a limited amount of technology in every classroom. There are only 3 computers that 21 students have to use in day. I think this is not enough technology for students to be engaged in. The great thing last year is that we received a smart board in every classroom this is a way to incorporate more technology. At my school in order to make improvements for technology in the classroom we have created a computer lab which students go to 2 times within a week. This gives the students time to go on some of the math and comprehension sites that will assist them in their academic success. It is very important that parents have some knowledge of computer sites that will help their student become successful. To help get parents more active the school provides after school activities to allow parents to come and have participate. It is very important that there is open communication between the parents and teacher. Every week we send a...

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