School Environment Essay

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School Environment
Stewart L. Hanska
Strayer University
Professor Marta Gierczyk
Research and Writing-ENG215
17 October 2011

Where children live plays a pivotal role on how well a child receives an education. This paper will explain how and where children grow up and where their education finishes.
School Environment
According to U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics 340,000 young people dropped out of high school between October 2009 and October 2010. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 2.2 million freshman students (68.6% of all 2008 high school graduates) were enrolled in college as of October of that year. Children are afforded ...view middle of the document...

This is because parents of students don’t or can’t work so the students take it upon themselves to go find a job to provide for the family and forgetting about their studies. Students will drop out because they aren’t interested in school, join gangs, sell drugs or become parents themselves.
Parochial schools are private schools maintained by a religious body usually for elementary and secondary instruction (Parochial school, 2011). The former typically include religious instruction along with a general curriculum similar to that of the public schools, presented from the religious group's perspective (Education, 2009). Parochial schools are funded by the tuition the parents pay for the child’s education and from private donations. One of the advantages parochial schools convince parents and students that the classes sizes are smaller and the teacher has more time with the student. The teacher having more time with the student gives the student a better chance at learning.
Magnet Schools are public elementary and secondary public schools of choice. Magnet Schools plan and develop programs using local, state, and federal funds (Bush, 1990). Magnet schools serve as models for school improvement and “turnaround schools” for students in low performing schools, and provide students an opportunity to succeed academically while learning in a racially diverse environment (What are Magnet Schools, 2011). The Federal Government finances magnet schools to further desegregation. Parents will have the choice where to send their child for their education.
Charter schools are publicly funded elementary or secondary schools that have been freed from some of the rules, regulations, and statutes that apply to other public schools, in exchange for some type of accountability for producing certain results, which are set forth in each charter school's charter (Charter Schools, 2011). Charter schools are now supported politically and financially through 2002 No Child Left Behind Act (2007). People that are wealthy can send their children to private schools, were as people can’t afford to send their children to private school could have the alternate of sending them to a charter school that gives the same quality of...

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