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School And The Time You Spend In It

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The time you spend in school.

Instead of having kids sitting in school for hours and hours a day I believe that short sweet and simple school days should take over. There is generally a lot of wasted time during the school day and everyone could receive benefits for shorter days. The teachers would have a lot more time on their hands to grade papers. With all their extra time they can devote more time to their students and any help they may require. The kids would benefit because no one wants to be in school hours on end. Kids would have more free time in their day. They would not need to stress over getting homework done on top of playing sports or any extracurricular activities that ...view middle of the document...

Everyone isn’t designed to go to college. Schools might offer trade classes like welding cosmetology. Students should be able to pick the classes they might want to take and should work in a hour time slot. They have a rotating class schedule like Lakeland does. Monday and Wednesday you have set of A classes and Tuesday and Thursday you have the other classes. Students not only would learn better in this atmosphere because everything isn’t being crammed into their heads they might actually enjoy going to school to learn new things. It will keep their minds active and interested.
The time spent outside of school should be used to rewind from the day. We teach kids how to be adults but don’t give them the perks of being adults until later in their life. Adults get vacation time, sick time personal days. While kids should not receive all of these we should start treating kids like adults and get them ready for the real world. In trade for this I think school should be all year round with a few weeks off in the summer for break. The stress factor for kids in high school can be a huge reason why some kids may be failing. With the normal school schedule kids don’t have time to be kids. If kids were to go to school starting at eight or nine in the morning and only go to school until noon or one o’clock they would have ample time to get all their school work done. If...

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