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Scholarship Essay

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My name is Nicholas Glunt, I am a Sophomore in the school of Business and Economics at West Virginia University. For the majority of my life, I have been exposed to and involved in many forms of business. I am in the school of Business and Economics for two main reasons, I love and enjoy interacting with people and making their lives better, and I want to make a difference in my workplace and the world. I am thrilled about my future, and with the help of a scholarship, I can achieve my life goal of ...view middle of the document...

In this position, I train new employees, assure daily tasks are achieved, and verify a smooth running business. Through this, I enhanced my own leadership skills and learned virtues of critical thinking and open-mindedness. In addition, because my love of adventure and animals, I volunteer at Coopers Rock maintaining trails and also caring for animals at the Animal House here in Morgantown. Aside from that, I plan to start a club that will better the lives of members and experience at WVU. This club will feature tips on living a healthy lifestyle, whether that’s eating right on a college budget or a workout plan to help achieve goals of those in the club. Also, I plan to organize activities such as rock climbing in the rec center, bowling, snowboarding trips and other fun things to do on a weekend or to take a break from studying.
Business is something I’m passionate about and couldn’t get away from even if I tried. I want to be a part of what makes our life the way it is and while doing that, make a difference in the world. With the help of a scholarship, I know I can make my dreams come true.

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