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Satire Essay

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In the library the librarian has to quickly hide the good books because the political correct squad sniffs for the good stuff. The artist point of view he’s trying to make is that the pc squad will indeed search for anything with explicit language and other issues and make sure there’s a change that will be made. I think Huck Finn and Jim are referenced in this cartoon because the pc squad is similar to the villagers hunting for Jim “the slave”. So the villagers and the pc squad are similar because both are trying to restore order and peace. In my opinion I think that Huck Finn or Twain is effective in this cartoon. It’s effective because the pc squad shouldn’t have a say so on whether the use of the author’s language is appropriate for other people to read.

In this cartoon Mark Twain is using his book as a boat. On the other hand Mark Twain is trying to paddle ...view middle of the document...

It’s appropriate to put the author of Huckleberry Finn on his book trying to defend him and his book from being changed by censors.

In this cartoon there is a class full of students. The professor is referencing about how Mark Twain used the n-word 219 times throughout the book Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain using the n-word a student thinks he a is gangsta rapper. The artist is trying to portray that using the n-word more than once in his books it symbolizes a gangsta rapper. In this cartoon they referenced how many times Mark Twain used the n-word. In my opinion I think that Huck Fin or Twain is appropriate in this cartoon because there kind of referencing his honor back in 19th century as the greatest classical literature writers.

In this cartoon Mark Twain is holding a censored version of his book while pointing to it. The cartoon discusses how some authors have deleted or replaced some of the words Mark Twain used in the book. What the artist is trying to portray in the cartoon is that Mark Twain deletions is greatly exasperating. Mark Twain is referenced in this cartoon because he reported some deletions in his book. In my opinion I think Huck or Twain is effective. It’s effective because people have changed the original version into their own version. If people are going to make changes then they should rewrite the whole boo.

In this cartoon there are three classical literature pieces The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, War and Peace and Moby Dick. The point of view the cartoonist is trying to portray is that the classics of literature needed to be edited so that they were appropriate to read. So in the cartoon the books are Huckleberry Finn n-word free, Peace and Peace and Moby Private Part. In this cartoon Mark Twain is referenced by his book being displayed on a podium with a few other classical pieces of history. In my opinion this cartoon is effective because these authors didn’t want to change the way they wrote their books. If they wanted their books to be changed don’t you think they would have made it appropriate the first time.

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