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Sarcophagi Of Selene And Endymion Essay

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Krista Ayala
CLA 2953.001
April 23, 2013
Sarcophagi of Selene and Endymion
Roman remains such as art, architecture, and documents have offered and provided various details of their society, history, people, and way of life throughout the centuries leading up to the fall of Rome. Through their excavated remains we can discover and learn about their society and culture for instance their practices, functions, and activities. One such practice we can analyze is their practice of the burial of their dead. Romans traditionally would bury their dead outside of their cities or within a ...view middle of the document...

This led to Rome constructing sarcophagi and change to Roman traditions of burial. Romans, according to law were not permitted to bury their dead within two Roman miles of the city. Naturally, the rise of graveyards emerged within the countryside and the development of catacombs for the dead.
Roman sarcophagi were constructed elaborately from marble and in some cases stone, wood, or lead. The usage of sarcophagi were traditions Etruscans and the Greek had practiced before Romans adopted the practice after some influence from Etruscan and Greek influences. Despite the popularity and emergence of the adopted tradition of sarcophagi for burial only those wealth and of high status that could afford to have the elaborate marble coffins to
Intro- introduce the tradition of burial for romans. How did romans go about burying their dead? Reason for decorating sarcophagi/urns. Did these decorations hold significant meaning? Introduce the object.
P1-further tell and introduce the object. What about it is significant? What can it tell us? = what the sarcophagus was used for, who would use it, make it,etc.
P2- importance and significance of decoration and images on the object. Stories such as myths and tales or events that are a part of society. Tell of the story of Selene and Endymion.
P3- why is this story important and even used on these sarcophagi? The stories significance and meaning.

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