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Sap Culture Report

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Alisha Badwal |Bent-Thomas |HSP3U0-D | February 26, 2015
Alisha Badwal |Bent-Thomas |HSP3U0-D | February 26, 2015

Part One: Analyzing Your Own Culture:
Carefully outlined by O’Neil’s investigation were the many potential environmental influences and geological cultures that help to shape the personality of individuals. One of the details examined were the child rearing practices which are especially critical in the development of one’s morals and beliefs (2006). But what plays the biggest hand in orienting someone’s identity is their main cultural group that ...view middle of the document...

My dad has always repeated teachings to me in times I may be facing challenges coping with obstacles because he does not believe in stress, or depression but rather tells me that our gods said that although we shall not treat others incorrectly, letting others treat ourselves incorrectly is just as much as a sin as doing it to someone else. I find that this has always stuck with me when I may be dealing with social issues, and it never seizes to encourage me to be more assertive about what I find necessary. Also in the Sukhmani Sahib I read weekly I always find that every time I reread it I get more insight then the previous time, but something that has always stuck with me is how it states that good deeds are in vain if a man does them while being proud of it. Learning to disregard arrogance when completing any action has been a goal of mine, but instead to do things with merely best interest at heart. My religion and the teachings I’ve been taught and read about have always influenced how I decide to react and handle issues, sometimes without even realizing it myself.
Boyd and Richerson describe humans as empty vessels in which culture is poured into, and norms being what ascribes as permissible and/or forbidden. (1994).Within my religion like any other there are some distinct norms and values, and some others that aren’t as forwardly announced but innately known by members. Some norms consist of greeting each other with our palms together in a prayer like position in front of your heart, nod your head slightly. The wordless gesture alone means "the God in my heart greets the God in yours." It is essential to do this when greeting anyone specially elders as a sign of respect. A norm that cannot be stressed enough is the direction in which we point our feet, and our footwear. Wearing footwear in our temple (Gurudwara) is absolutely forbidden along with having our feet/soles facing an altar or religious image, also our heads must be covered. Some values consist of sex after marriage, always respecting elders, helping anyone in need regardless of who they are, no dating (typically), never do anything unethical to get something, and most importantly remember god through the good and bad times.
There are distinguished material elements associated with Sikhism but they are more strictly linked to baptized Sikhs, I however am not baptized so they do not all apply to me. One of the material elements being the Kara is to be worn on either one or both arm of an individual. It is a metal bracelet type object which varies in sizes and thicknesses but is significant because it symbolizes that we are cuffing that hand(s) to god. This is to remind ourselves whenever we are about to commit anything questionable of our identity and remember our hand belong to god to restrain doing anything unfaithful. It also means that god has no end or beginning like the round Kara itself. Another material element is the Turban which is placed on one’s head and is often...

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