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Samsung' Growth Essay

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Where the organization is today and how it got there???
On March 1, 1938, a business started by Byung-Chull Lee, focused primarily on trade export, selling dried Korean fish, vegetables, and fruit to Manchuria and Beijing. A little more than a decade, the business owned flour mills and confectionery machines, its own manufacturing and sales operations, and ultimately named Samsung—which means "three stars" in Korean.
In 1970, Samsung-Sanyo captured the hearts of the people, by producing Black-and-white TV (model: P-3202)
Impetus among the organization is the main reason to bring Samsung corporation.Later they extended their flag in acquiring established companies one by one. Four years ...view middle of the document...

Samsung trusted their investors and workers,that they held responsible for producing home electronics business. Samsung Electronics, already a major manufacturer in the Korean market, began to export its products for the first time during this period. Samsung also acquired a 50 percent stake in Korea Semiconductor, further solidifying Samsung Electronics' position as a leader in semiconductor manufacturing.
The business flow they introduced during the production was just the right move as they basically captured the crowd, placed an establishment and satisfied the basic needs. later positioned in core industries dealing with higher volume in terms of investment and production.Samsung's core technology businesses diversified and expanded globally during the late 1970s and early 1980s
In 1978 Samsung laid the strategic foundations for its future growth by investing into the aerospace. Basically the company took risk in developing a different domain, as Samsung Semiconductor and Samsung Electronics became separate entities. With exceptional capabilities and effort, Samsung aerospace industries did exceptionally well in the market.The companytravelled across the world, expanding their business in a high scale, gaining profit in almost every field they competed.
In 1985,Information technology was wide spreading and several established companies started service in the corporate society, where Samsung made an unparalleled entryto the systems development business, establishing Samsung Data Systems ,as a leader in information technology services, including systems integration, systems management, consulting, and networking services.This helped the company to expand more technically and increased the quality of the products delivered.
In 1987, Samsung lost their founding chairman, by when his son prospered the company.During this period, Samsung challenged itself to restructure...

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