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Sample Talent Management Philosophy Essay

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Sample Talent Management Philosophy

We achieve results through people. Therefore, our success hinges on our ability to effectively attract, engage, and reward talented people.

Attracting Talent

As a national organization, we compete for talent across sectors, organization sizes, and geographic areas. To be successful, we must attract high caliber people who can grow with us. Attracting a talented work force requires a strong employment brand. Therefore, we are committed to creating a culture of excellence which rewards performance, supports professional growth and development and values diversity. In addition, we seek to treat each person as an individual and to create a climate of openness and trust, respect and dignity. At the same time, we will balance individual needs with the needs of the whole organization.

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We commit to promoting from within, when possible, and to selecting for diversity.

To encourage high employee engagement levels, we will acknowledge and appreciate employee contributions on a regular basis; ensure that management competencies are well understood and rewarded; and make certain that our managers are well equipped to effectively manage and develop all staff in targeted core competencies.

BBBSA Talent Management Philosophy

Rewarding Talent

Performance will be measured on achievement of objectives and demonstration of core competencies. Performance levels and rewards will be determined jointly by the management team to ensure consistency of ratings and rewards.

We will use a market based system to set target salary and incentives. We will target our pay at the market median (50th percentile) for employees who have demonstrated solid performance. The relevant market for executive positions is national human development non profits. The relevant market for other positions varies and will be determined on a job by job basis.

The relationship between pay and performance will be leveraged. Over time, we will reward high performers through pay increases and incentives that combined result in pay levels above the market median. Similarly, sub par performance will receive significantly reduced or no increases or incentives.

Our benefits will be competitive with national human development non profit organizations.


We are committed to communicating the rationale of each element of our compensation program to our employees to ensure that they fully understand how the program works and how it aligns with our overall approach to managing our organization.

We are committed to the principles of transparency in our communications with our Board and other external stakeholders. We will follow IRS rules for disclosure of executive compensation information, and when the regulations are unclear, will err on the side of additional disclosure.

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