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1. Show the last name, first name, and the credit_limit for all customers who reside in the city of Grant and have a credit_limit greater than $1,200.

select last, first, credit_limit
from customer
where city ='Grant'
and credit_limit > 1200;

-------- ------- ------------
Samuels Ann 1500
Williams Al 1500

2. Show the names of all the employees who have the character string “er” as part of their job title.

select ename
from emp
where job like '%er%';


3. For every sales rep who has customers, show the sales rep number and the largest available credit (with the column heading MAX_AVAIL_CREDIT) among his/her customers. Exclude any customer who ...view middle of the document...


4. Count the number of orders that have a total order value of more than $500.

select count(sum(number_ordered*quoted_price))
from order_line
group by order_number
having sum(number_ordered*quoted_price)>500;

5. List the number and name of every department that has no employees currently. (Exclude any employee whose department is not specified.)

select deptno, dname
from dept
where deptno not in (select deptno from emp where deptno is not null);

---------- ---------------
40 Operations

6. Use a join operation (i.e., do not use a subquery) to find the customer number, last name, and first name for every customer who placed an order on August 5, 2014. Do not list the same customer more than once. (You may use the above date in any format, including the default DATE format.)

select distinct customer.c_number, last, first
from customer, orders
where orders.c_number=customer.c_number
and order_date='05-AUG-14';

---------- -------- -------
124 Adams Sally
522 Nelson Mary

7. List the part number, part description, unit price, and item class for every part for which the unit price is higher than the unit prices of all parts in item class HW or SG.

select part_number, part_description, unit_price, item_class
from part
where unit_price> all
(select unit_price
from part
where item_class = 'HW' or item_class = 'SG');

----------- ---------------- ---------- ----------
BZ66 Washer 399.99 AP

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