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Sample Essay On What Is Your Favorite Word And Why

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The Word “Family”

The Word “Family”
My favorite word is family. The word family defines the existence of human beings in the society. A family is defined to be a group of people that is made up of parents and children living in a similar household (Brighouse & Swift, 2014). In most instances, a family is made up of parents and their biological children. The parents are a father and mother. Nonetheless, a family can be made up of a single parent with either adopted or biological children. Instances of single parenthood can occur because of a death of the other parent or a divorce. The word family stands out as my favorite word because of the following three reasons.
At the outset, the word family stands out as an incomparable word because it highlights the fundamental unit of human society. A family unit made up of a man, woman and children living ...view middle of the document...

The family acts as the basic unit that dictates the continuity of the human race. A failure to sustain the family practice risks the continued existence of the human race. Human procreation can only occur under the confinements of a relationship between a husband and wife. The society upholds procreation under the confinements of the family as the excellent way of human continuity (Gulla, 2010). People can still procreate outside the family confinements. Nonetheless, procreation outside the family confinement often raises the moral being of the persons; therefore, extremely few people often prefer the method.
Lastly, the word family stands out to be my favorite word because it highlights the sense of love and companionship at different levels. Family creation in the society is often preceded by a relationship that is illustrated by love. The existence of love between the two parties encourages them to consent to spend their lives together. The two parties in agreeing to be formally joined as one to become a family act as a source of companionship between the two. The presence of love in the human society has played a decisive role in nurturing a society that is characterized by coexistence among people. Moreover, the existence of a family that is epitomized by love and companionship acts as a source of comfort during the difficult times in human life (Gulla, 2010).
Despite the belief that the word family is a creation of religious sects, it is apparent that the existence of family cuts across a diverse group of people who are either religious or non-religious. The word family merely stands out to be a reason to bring together people to appreciate the subsistence of other persons. The word family is an exceptional word because it acts as the fundamental unit of human society, the source of human procreation and its capacity to display a sense of love and companionship.

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