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Same Sex Marriages Essay

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Marriage Is Not a Special Right

We have all heard the discussion and arguments about same-sex marriage, well it is reported that there are over 60,000 same-sex couples in relationships and 21,000 married same-sex couples. Homosexuals are hated on and discriminated against because they like the same gender. It is not fair to them that they have to go through this continuously, what if the LGBT community were to make fun and discriminate against heterosexuals and couples, they would feel sad and unwanted just like many homosexuals.

Everyone deserves the right to love who they would like to, and marry whomever they would like because marriage is an essential human right. Homosexuals are ...view middle of the document...

They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution." This right says that men and women can marry and start a family with whomever they want to. Many people believe that marriage is for procreation, or in other words for having children, but if this were the case couples who do not want to have kids would be denied marriage which isn't the case.

Nobody can be deprived of the right to love who they would like to love. How would it feel if you found the perfect partner and then you were ready to get married, but you were denied marriage because you are both the same gender. It would be disappointing and probably make you upset because the person you had spent lots of time with and you love very much wouldn't be able to marry you. Well, this is why same sex marriages are legal in Canada because it makes many people happier. They can finally marry who they would like to without being denied marriage. This makes Canada a better place, there are still many countries where same-sex marriages are illegal which is sad because people do not even feel comfortable with who they are, there are even countries where being a homosexual is a crime which is even more disappointing. One of the reasons people think same-sex marriages are not okay is because there are many stereotypes about same-sex relationships which are not genuine, and many people believe stereotypes over the truth.

The fact that homosexuals can marry each other is significant because it diminishes self-harm, suicide, hate crimes, and discrimination. Many homosexual teens and adults feel unaccepted, and upset with themselves because they are not comfortable with who they are, this leads to self-harm and suicide. It is said that 56% of teens have attempted suicide because of this. People are getting better at accepting themselves and many events help people accept themselves and be happy with themselves. Pride month takes place in Toronto and celebrates the diversity of the LGBT community, and it is the largest planned event of celebrating pride and the LGBT community. Pride month features many events to help people accept themselves for who they are and to be happy because you cannot change who you are, and you need to be comfortable in your skin.

Secondly, homosexuals are no different than heterosexuals. Something many people do not understand is homosexuals did not choose to be attracted to the same gender, and they think that it is a choice which it is not, you do not wake up one day and believe that you are going to be homosexual today and heterosexual tomorrow. Homosexuals are born a homosexual, just like heterosexuals are born a heterosexual, just like left handed people are born left handed, and so on. Homosexuals are sometimes kicked out of their homes...

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