Salvador Dali The Disintegration Of The Persistence Of Memory

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Salvador Dali The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory

MAKING: Select and write about ONE of the MAKING topics – process, education, materials or tools & technology – in 50-100 words.

Salvador Dali used same painting elements as we all know today. If we would like to talk about his tools and techniques, the paintings are about “Hand-Painted Decam photographs”, he crisped about the details and used almost invisible brush work style. He gave importance to photographic realism. He contributed in the technical tradition of early Flemish and early Venetician painting. In his ...view middle of the document...

The Persistence of Memory is filled with interesting and meaningful images even the ants,
the fly, the olive tree, the steps, the amorphous shape on the beach but none are, nor
ever have been, as compelling or as plump with significance as the watches themselves.Thus,it indicates his style to us.

IDEOLOGY: In 50-100 words, write about the ideology that matches with your chosen work. It does not have to be an ideology discussed during the semester.
In this part ,the painter inspired by modern ideology.Since his work was made in 1931,bu it seems 20 th Century’s work of art as I mention about in his style part.

USE: Select and write about ONE of the USE topics – patron, user, function or location – in 50-100 words.
There are some approaches one can take to the painting and a biographer Meredith Etherinytan Smith indicates in recounting how the painting come to be;
One night,Dali had stayed out his home and he was suffering from headache when Gala and his other friend left for going the movies. Moving in the quiet flat, his glance took in remains of camembert and he thought of philosophy of the “super-soft”and thus ıf his own psychological make up the outer hard shell that had became a necessary fortness protecting the inner hermit crab Dali from the world.Lastly,the work of art is shown at “Salvador Dali Museum”

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