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Saliva Essay

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|Centre |: |Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) | |Unit Code |: |FHSP 1014 |
|Course |: |Foundation in Science | |Unit Title |: |Physics I |
|Year/ Trimester |: |Year 1 / Trimester 1 | |Lecturer |: |Ms.Nurfadzilah |
|Session | | | | | |Mr Chin Kong Yew |
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10 cm3. From these data, calculate the density of lead in SI units (kg/m3).
[Answer: [pic]kg/m3]

5. A carpet is to be installed in a room of length 12.71 m and width 3.46 m. Find the area of the room, retaining the proper number of significant figures.
[Answer: 44.0 m2]

6. In January 2006, astronomers reported the discovery of a planet comparable in size to the earth orbiting another star and having a mass of about 5.5 times the earth's mass. It is believed to consist of a mixture of rock and ice, similar to Neptune. If this planet has the same average density as Neptune (1.76 g/cm3), what is its radius expressed
(a) in kilometers and
(b) as a multiple of earth’s radius?
Given that the earth has mass mE = 5.97 × 1024 kg,
radius rE = 6.38 × 106 m,
the volume of a sphere is [pic]
[Answer: (a) 1.6 × 104 km; (b) 2.5rE]

7. If the displacement of an object, x, is related to velocity, v, according to the relation x = Av, Find the dimension for constant . [Answer: [T]]

8. Newton’s law of universal gravitation is represented by
Here F is the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by one small object on another, M and m are the masses of the objects, and r is a distance. Force has the SI unit kg m s–2. What is the SI unit of the proportionality constant G? Determine the dimensions of G.
[Answer: m3 kg–1 s–2 ;M–1L3T–2]

9. Determine the dimensions and the SI units of the following quantities:
a) volume
b) acceleration (velocity / time)
c) density (mass / volume)
d) force...

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